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New York City's Local Law 18

The Full Story

Since its inception, Local Law 18 has been a contentious piece of legislation. Designed to regulate short-term rentals (STRs), it aimed to protect our communities and preserve housing stock. However, despite its purported intentions, the law has cast a net too wide, entangling countless homeowners, particularly from communities of color in NYC's outer boroughs, in its mesh.


NYHOA has been tirelessly working at the forefront of this issue, believing that the right to homeownership is a cornerstone of the American Dream, especially for the middle class and working poor. Today, we are on the verge of a significant breakthrough. We’re finalizing the draft of a legislative solution—one that not only speaks to the needs of 1 and 2 family homeowners but also resonates with our elected officials who care about maintaining protections for all New Yorkers.


We’ve garnered the support of several city council members and have the ear of the Adams administration—which we believe has a desire to do the right thing for small homeowners—crafting  a bill that promises a return to fairness and equity in our housing laws.


The final step in our journey requires resources to cover the hefty and intricate legal work essential to perfecting the draft. We also need to ensure we can reach out to every community member affected by this and coordinate the administrative efforts that will bring our solution to every doorstep in need.


That’s why we need you. Your contribution isn’t just a donation; it's an investment in the future of homeownership in New York City. It’s a stand against legislation funded by the hotel industry that threatens to displace the most vulnerable homeowners—those who enrich our city with their diversity and spirit.

The stakes have never been higher for small homeowners. As we stand up to the Goliath of hotel industry dollars, our sling is our unity, our stones are our actions. Your support today can preserve the homes of tomorrow, safeguarding the essence of what makes our city great.


Join us in this critical moment. Your donation will be the catalyst that transforms our draft into the law that protects, the voice that empowers, and the shield that defends the backbone of our city. Join us in our fight to keep New York City intact, one home at a time.


Donate today. Let’s write the future together!

View Our Memo to NYC City Council

Please call and email your City Council members to tell them you support an amendment to Local Law 18 and  homeowners' rights to autonomy!

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